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International Steel Exhibition 2024

KISH - 22 - 24 October 2024

Steel Symposium 2024

The 26th Annual Steel Symposium-which is held by Iron & Steel Society of Iran and with the cooperation of the domestic steel factories in an industrial city annually, this year-will be held in kish Island, 22 - 24 October 2024. - This Symposium gathers a large number of steel industry key players at least For 3 days from the upper executor of the state sector to the largest Steel producer units (State, Semi - private & Private), the related Companies, upstream & lowstream industries, experts and...

Themes of the 26th Steel Symposium

  • Solutions for transitioning from existing technologies to green steel production
  • Challenges in the way of green steel production
  • Employment opportunities in the production of Sab steel
  • Methods of increasing initiative and innovation in employees in order to accelerate the path of green steel production
  • Technical knowledge, required equipment and staff training in the green steel production process
  • The role of green steel production in reducing production costs and increasing efficiency
  • The role of green steel production in employee health, environmental protection, reducing water consumption, reducing greenhouse gases and energy consumption
  • Technologies for using hydrogen instead of fossil fuels in the production of green steel
  • New findings in the field of production and use of new steels
  • Modeling and simulation of steel production line processes

International Steel Exhibition

Always, there is an Exhibition on the side symposium for presenting the recent researches and industrial productions in the various fields of Hardware & software which are used in steel and the related mining Industries. The previous exhibition was held in kish Island on 22 - 24 October 2024 for 3 days in space of 19000 m2 by participation of 270 domestic companies and 25 foreign companies from Germany, Italy, France, Russia, United Kingdom (UK), Turkey India, Austria, Switzerland Sweden japan and China...

Target groups

  • Steel manufacturers
  • Raw material suppliers
  • Knowledge-based companies and technical and engineering services in the steel industry
  • Transport companies
  • Production and scientific associations and syndicates and ..
  • Companies providing machinery, equipment and consumables

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History of steel industry in Iran

The discovery of a large number of ancient iron objects such as dagger blades, knives and sickles in different parts of Iran indicates the prevalence and prosperity of technical knowledge of iron and metal in ancient Iran. One of the ancient objects discovered in Iran is an ax with an iron blade and a bronze handle, which is related to 3000 years ago, which has a special decoration. This ancient piece is a sign of the prosperity of the steel and iron industry in ancient Iran. The ancient Iranians were familiar with the industry of extracting iron and metals from the heart of nature and knew the properties and characteristics of each metal well. More info